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In honor of local artist, Mattie Welch, we encourage you to draw and paint scenes from your own environment for this week's Summer Camp!

Introduction to Martha Welsh:

Martha Welch, often known as Mattie, was born in Morrow on November 29th, 1868. She studied drawing and painting (both oil and watercolor) at the Art Academy of Cincinnati between 1888-1902. Many of her paintings featured local scenes, as featured below. She also taught art at Morrow High School. Welch Road in Morrow was named after Mattie's family as their home was on this street. Mattie passed away at age 95 on March 4, 1964. Her estate was worth over $715,000 and she left most of it to charity.

A story tells of Mattie driving her horse-drawn carriage around the area with her painting supplies. She would stop to paint scenes around town that interested her. We encourage you to observe the special and the ordinary scenes around you and draw & paint like Mattie.


Below are several of Mattie's paintings and corresponding printable coloring pages (just click on the tracing for a printable PDF). Be creative and have fun!

Mattie's Art & Coloring Pages:

The date and subject of this painting are unknown.

This painting is from 1910 and features the mill and mill race that once stood in Morrow. The mill was located along the north side of Morrow Veterans Memorial Park and some concrete structures can still be seen today from the road.

This is private property so please respect the owner and only view from the park.

This painting is of the previous Morrow Presbyterian Church at the corner of Pike Street (Routes 22&3) and Center Street.

This painting of a historic log cabin is at the site of the Morrow brewery along Morrow-Woodville Road just outside of Morrow.  These buildings are on private property so please respect the property owner.

This is a painting of the stone wall along Morrow-Woodville Road and Todd's Fork in Morrow.

For more information about the brewery, watch the video below.  For more videos of the area, go to the Video section of our website.

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