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Below is a collection of our favorite primary sources whether you are doing research, genealogy, or any local history project.  Most of these resources are publicly available online.


1875. Combination Atlas map of Warren County, Ohio.

The "1875 Combination Atlas Map of Warren County, Ohio" is a historical document that provides detailed maps of Warren County, Ohio, along with accompanying text and illustrations. Produced in 1875, it offers valuable insights into the geography, demographics, and development of the county during that time period. The atlas includes maps of townships, cities, and other landmarks, providing a snapshot of Warren County's landscape and communities in the late 19th century.  It is also filled with hand drawn illustrations of various homes, farms, and businesses.

Click Here to see the online Book at the Cincinnati Public Library

The History Of Warren County. W. H. BEERS & CO. 1882.

"The History of Warren County" by W. H. Beers & Co., published in 1882, is a comprehensive account of the history, development, and notable events of Warren County, Ohio, up to the late 19th century. This book delves into the county's founding, settlement, and growth, providing detailed narratives of its early pioneers, communities, and institutions. It covers various aspects of Warren County's history, including its indigenous peoples, early European settlers, economic development, political evolution, and cultural heritage. Richly illustrated with maps, portraits, and historical images, this volume offers valuable insights into the people, places, and events that shaped Warren County's past, making it an essential resource for historians, genealogists, and enthusiasts of local history.

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1903. Centennial Atlas of Warren County, Ohio

The "1903 Centennial Atlas of Warren County, Ohio" is a historical reference book that provides a detailed account of Warren County in Ohio during the year 1903. It includes maps, illustrations, photographs, and descriptions of the county's towns, landmarks, and historical events, offering readers insight into the area's geography, development, and significance during that period. This atlas serves as a valuable resource for historians, researchers, and anyone interested in the local history of Warren County, Ohio, during the early 20th century.

Click Here to see the online Book at the Cincinnati Public Library

Maineville, Ohio, history : 100 years as an incorporated town, 1850-1950.

"Maineville, Ohio, History: 100 Years as an Incorporated Town, 1850-1950" offers a concise yet thorough exploration of Maineville's transformation from a fledgling settlement to a thriving incorporated town over the span of a century. This book delves into the town's founding, economic growth, community life, and notable individuals who shaped its history. Through photographs, maps, and archival materials, readers gain insight into Maineville's evolution and its significance in local history during the 19th and 20th centuries. Ideal for residents, historians, and enthusiasts alike, it provides a compelling narrative of Maineville's past.

We have a copy of this book, it is not currently available online.


The Western Star

"The Western Star" is a historic newspaper based in Lebanon, Ohio. Founded in 1807, it is one of Ohio's oldest newspapers and has a long-standing tradition of serving Warren County and the surrounding areas. "The Western Star" covered local news, events, sports, and community happenings, providing readers with a valuable source of information about the region's social, political, and cultural landscape.  It is still currently being digitized but is into the mid to late 1900s.

Click Here to see Newspaper at Warren County Genealogical Society

Other Online/Inperson Resources:

Find a Grave - Warren County is an invaluable digital platform for historical research and genealogy enthusiasts. This comprehensive database hosts millions of grave records from cemeteries around the world, providing a wealth of information for individuals seeking to uncover their ancestors' final resting places. Users can explore virtual memorials, access photographs of tombstones, and contribute biographical details, fostering a community-driven approach to preserving the legacies of those who came before us. Whether tracing family history or delving into local heritage, offers a rich tapestry of historical insights and personal narratives

See graves in Warren County, Ohio

Warren County Records Center and Archives

The Warren County Records Center and Archives serves as a vital repository for preserving and providing access to the historical records of Warren County, Ohio. With a mission to safeguard the county's rich heritage, the center collects, organizes, and maintains a diverse range of documents, including vital records, land deeds, court records, maps, photographs, and more. Researchers, genealogists, historians, and the general public can access these resources to explore the county's past, uncover family histories, and support academic inquiry. Through its commitment to archival best practices and public service, the Warren County Records Center and Archives plays a pivotal role in promoting the understanding and appreciation of local history.

Click here to visit their website





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