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Welcome to our Blog!

Our goal for this blog is to have a platform for

community conversation. We will post topics and would love to have our members and community help make it a conversation by asking questions, making comments, sharing stories and helping us find answer to unanswered questions. Feel free to reach out through email for future blog post ideas or collaborations!

For our first blog post, we would like to introduce the new features of our website, Some new things to check out are:


Become a Member (or Renew) Online

Found under the membership tab, it is now possible to purchase or renew a one year membership or sign up for an annual auto-renewing membership. Both of these options are available for purchase with any major credit card or PayPal account (payments can also still be made by mail-in check as well).


Our Shop

Currently available for purchase are remaining 2019 Christmas ornaments (2020 ornaments coming soon!). Also available for purchase with any major credit card or PayPal account (email us if interested, but would like to pay with a check).


If you missed it

Our Four-Session Summer Camp (fun for kids and adults!). This can be found under the Resources tab and includes the following sessions: Intro to Oral History, The Paintings of Martha Welch, Ghost Towns of the Area and The Sculptures of Melva Wilson. Each session includes an overview and some include a unique activity or video.

Click Here For Summer Camp!


As always...

There are 10 History in Your Backyard Videos to check out and more general information throughout the website!

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