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At the intersection of Routes 22&3 and Route 48

Fun Facts:

  • Hopkinsville is the oldest village in Hamilton Township, established around 1808.

  • It was located on what was called the Cincinnati, Montgomery, Hopkinsville Pike (now Routes 22&3); this was the first Pike in the township.

  • Hopkinsville also had the first Post Office in the township, established in 1825.

  • In the early to mid-1800s it was the center of trade for the township and was very prosperous.

  • Hamilton Township provided two companies for the War of 1812, one of which was a rifle company headquartered at Hopkinsville.  It consisted of about 40 men and was commanded by Theophilus Simonton.

  • At one point the town contained a blacksmith shop, a shoe store, three taverns, three stores, a church and a school; the church and school buildings are still standing today.

1867 Map

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