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Fort Ancient


At the crossing of State Route 350 and the Little Miami River

Fun Facts:

  • College Township Road (ranging from Chilicothe through Lebanon to Oxford) was constructed and crossed the Little Miami River at this site in 1804.

  • The still-standing stone building was built as a farmhouse around 1806 and around 1809 was converted to a tavern & stagecoach stop called the Crossed Keys Tavern.

  • The Little Miami Railroad was built through the area in 1844; a Post Office opened in 1846; and the town was platted in 1849.

  • The town became a busy shipping area by providing the farms and orchards of the area access to the railroad. Large quantities of peaches, blackberries, hogs & grain were shipped from Fort Ancient.

  • By 1850, Francis Howell had built a hotel that could accommodate 100 guests.  People came to the town to visit the earthworks and to get out of the cities.

  • Other businesses & organizations included:  a railroad station, a distillery, a tannery, a warehouse, a school, a physician, a seamstress, a general store, a blacksmith & a church.

  • By the late 1800's the town was starting to dwindle.  By 1920, the only store was in the hotel and the Post Office closed in 1923.

1867 Map

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