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We're excited to present our 2023 Christmas ornament!  This year we are honoring Hamilton-Maineville School.  This school was built in 1937 and served as a centralized school consolidating students from the smaller schools around Hamilton Township.  It originally served students in grades 1-8 who then chose high schools in Morrow, Kings Mills or Loveland.

In 1954, Ohio further consolidated schools and Hamilton-Maineville joined with Harlan-Butlerville and Morrow Schools to form the new Little Miami School District.

Please Click Here to order your Hamilton-Maineville School ornament.  We still have limited quantities of our 2020 (Tufts House), 2021 (Pleasant Plain School), and 2022 (Morrow School) ornaments available as well.  

Your purchase helps support the work we do at the Little Miami History Connection.  Thank you for supporting local history!

The Little Miami History Connection was founded in February 2013 in recognition that the Little Miami area has a wealth of historical significance that should be preserved for future generations. The society was created to serve as a bridge connecting past, present, and future generations.

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